Joke BenschopWelcome to Joke Benschop’s visual world on the net.

In 2012 my world changed when I picked up my first camera. Through photography, I found a way of communicating about my passion for nature and my love for birds in particular. It’s a thrill when you shoot a deer portrait after a few hours waiting or see a beaver passing by only 3 yards away.  In The Netherlands, the densely populated country where I live, we don’t have vast acres of unspoiled nature. But if you look closely, you can be overwhelmed by the beauty you see around you. The purpose of my site is to let you see just that. And then maybe, just maybe, you’ll see what my world has to offer! Nature that’s around us to enjoy, no matter where we are.

To me, photography is capturing the moment. I don’t make art with a deeper meaning, but I love to invite you to experience the beauty I see around me.

Enjoy your visit!

Joke Benschop